Heavy current

Project documentation in heavy current are available in this areas:

Heavy current

Internal power distribution, artificial lighting, emergency and security lighting, earthing, grounding against leakage currents, lightning conductors, power supply of technological equipment - power distribution, busbar distribution. 

Heavy-current energy

External 22 kV high voltage power lines for cable and outdoor lines, 0.4 kV low voltage external power lines, 22 / 0.4 kV transformer stations, photovoltaic power plants. 

Spare power sources

 Static and mobile Diesel Aggregates, Uninterruptible Voltage UPS, starters, softstarts, frequency inverters.

and much more, e.g.: 

Energy management process optimization, fault condition monitoring, fault blocking, maximum power consumption monitoring, fault signaling, 


maternity hospital PodolĂ­ (7/2011 - dosud)
Building a center for fetal medicine
Enterprice Praha (2010 - 12/2014)
administrative center in PankrĂĄc
Park Hloubětín (2012)
Residential complex
City Deco (2006 - 2012)
administration building with apartments
PalĂĄc Rapid (6/2011 - 11/2012)
multifunctional object in center of Prague. 
wastewater treatment plants (2/2010 - 9/2013)
Extension of an existing purification plant
Palmovka Park (11/2009 - 12/2013)
administrative building for Metrostav
FVE (06/2010, 2017)
solar powerplant

Aquapark Ĺ utka (2009 - 2012)
Completion of the swimming pool
Albatros (3/2015 - )
administrative buildig
UCEEB Kladno (2009-2012)

university center of energy-efficient buildings

Phillip Morris (6/2015)
reconstruction of existing production halls
Eli Dolní Břežany (8/2011 - 6/2012)
leading laboratories for the most powerful laser in the world
Lego Kladno (01/2013- 7/2015)
 extension of productions halls
Central sewage treatment plant Praha (1/2015 - )
Intensification of wastewater treatment plant
Lego Mexiko (4/2015 - )
production halls
The castle Lipova (5/2015 - )
reconstruction of historical building
Airbank (9/2011 )
Branch offices of Airbank
Kotva (2/2015 )
reconstruction of department store
Valentinka (2/2015 - )

administrative building with apartments