Weak current

Indoor weak current wiring

          - telephone and PC wiring (structured wiring)

          - public adress system

          - common antennas and cable TVs (CATV)

          - synchronised time installation

          - information technologies

          - intercom, house telephone systems

          - tone tables, bells

Automatic detection equipment

          - fire alarms

Security systems

           - electric security systems

           - access and crossing systems (ACS)

           - camera systems (CCTV - closed circuit TV) 



J 44 (2018)
glossy civic centre in the middle of Warsaw
Futurama (2015)

Pleasant working environment with greenery, rest and relaxation areas in Karlin, Prague
revitalisation of city park (2018)
revitalisation of public area around cultural centre in Prague Bohnice
Valentinka (2017)

administrative building with apartments

Lego Mexiko (2017)
production halls
Albatros (2017)
administrative buildig
maternity hospital PodolĂ­ (2017)
Building a center for fetal medicine
Kotva (2015 )
reconstruction of department store
The castle Lipova (2015)
reconstruction of historical building
Parkview PankrĂĄc (2015)
administrative building
Epoque Praha (2014)
apartment building

Shafer Menk RadotĂ­n (2013)
administrative building
wastewater treatment plants (2013)
Extension of an existing purification plant
Palmovka Park (2013)
administrative building for Metrostav
Aquapark Ĺ utka (2012)
Completion of the swimming pool
Residence Santinka (2012)
Luxury apartment house
PalĂĄc Rapid (2012)
multifunctional object in center of Prague. 
City Deco (2012)
administration building with apartments
Apartments Medvědín (2012)
Špindlerův Mlýn
UCEEB Kladno (2012)

university center of energy-efficient buildings

Park Hloubětín (2012)
Residential complex
Eli Dolní Břežany (2012)
leading laboratories for the most powerful laser in the world
Airbank (2011 )
Branch offices of Airbank