Aquapark Ĺ utka

In the first stage, we prepared the documentation for the construction of the swimming area, after completing the Aqaparku extension, we completed all professions, including the high and low voltage connections.  

The Aqua Center Ĺ utka is newly opened and at the same time one of the most modern swimming areas in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

Swimming pool Ĺ utka was open to the public in December 2012 and today can offer its visitors not only a fifty-meter indoor swimming pool, but also a whirlpool, a wild river, 2 water slides, a waterfall, a relaxation pool, a children's paddling pool and a water bar with refreshments. For wellness lovers, two Finnish saunas with outdoor cooling pools and two steam baths are available on site.

Although the area is still smell of newness, it has its long history since the construction was originally started at the end of 1987 with the expected completion date in 1994. During its construction, it gradually slowed down as a result of the restraint of the funds, until January 1993 had to be Construction completely stopped. The next procedure then completely blocked the claimed restitution claim on the original plot.

During the construction, several attempts were made to sell the entire site, including a stormy debate about the use and completion of an outdoor pool for the occasion of the Olympic Games in Prague. 

In 1996, the final proposal for the construction of an indoor aqueduct with year-round operation was created instead of the originally planned 25-meter long outdoor pool. Only in 2001 property disputes were resolved and the land became property of the capital city of Prague. However, design works were commissioned only in 2008, the completion was started in autumn 2010, the completion date was set for November 2011. A year later, the trial operation started and in January 2013 the fully disabled area was inaugurated. 

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