The castle Lipova

Heavy current, weak current in historical reconstructed building

The Baroque building, which is reminded mainly by its silhouette, has a rich history. It was built around 1740 as the residence of Count Leopold Antonin Salm - Reifferscheidt-Hainspach. Many times the owner has changed and since the 1970s it has been considerably spoiled. 

Via Tempora Nova, however, has decided to save the property, costing hundreds of millions of crowns. The first steps in the adaptation of the planes have already been made, with the foundations of the Baroque fountain still hidden in the courtyard. 

After the reconstruction, thanks to the excellent accessibility from Germany, the castle will serve as a European cultural and educational center, in the part of the ground floor there will be depositories, there will be a restaurant in the building, and lovers of "classic" castle tours will find something for them as well. 

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