In AZ elektroprojekce we do and deliver electro-project documentation for stages as follows:

·   planning inquiry documentation,

·   building permission documentation,

·   tender documentation (supplier documentation),

·   operational documentation,

·   documentation for supplier,

·   as built documentation (final, revised documentation),

·   reconstruction designs,

·   on-site supervision for investor or supplier,

·   expert statements on technical conditions, reviews,

·   proposals on economic supplement, optimization designs,

·   offer assessments.

Project documentations are made in the following professions:

a) heavy current – indoor

Indoor heavy current wiring, artificial lighting, emergency and security lighting, grounding, dispersion current grounding, lightning conductors, technical installation feeding current supply – heavy current wiring, busbar (bus tube) wiring.

b) heavy current - outdoor

Outdoor high voltage wiring (22 kV), outdoor low voltage wiring (0,4 kV), transformer stations 22/0,4 kV.

c) back up sources of voltage

Stationary and mobile diesel generating sets, backup power supply sources (UPS), starters, soft starters, frequency convertors.

d) weak current

Indoor weak current wiring – telephone and PC wiring – structured wiring, public address system, common antennas and cable TV’s (CATV), synchronized time installation, information technologies, intercom, house telephone systems, tone tables, bells.

e) weak current

Automatic detection equipment, fire alarms.

f) weak current - security systems

Electric security systems, access and crossing systems (ACS), camera systems (CCTV - closed circuit TV).

g) BMS-building manager system

Monitoring and control of all technologies in large buildings – intelligent buildings.

h) measurement and control

Measurement and control of air-condition, cooling, heating, sanitary systĂŠme.

i) other, e.g.:

Energy saving optimization; failure monitoring, detection, signalization and lockdown; monitoring of maximum energy supply level; technological process visualization.

In all the above professions we can also supervise and co-ordinate with other professions. We can provide delivery of the installation designed, due to our contacts with all the major electrical suppliers on the market.

The project documentation is made in AutoCAD software, in Czech, English or German.

Depending on the size of the project, quality of source materials and need of coordination with other professions the delivery date can be adjusted according to the customer‘s needs if necessary.

The price is always specific to the size and complexity of the project and quality of source materials. If you are interested in a project estimate, please contact us.

The contract process goes as follows:

After a client contacts us (by phone, e-mail, fax or personally) one of our managers prepares an offer with a price estimate and sends it back the client by fax or e-mail, then the contract details can be negotiated and after an agreement and obtaining of source materials the work is started.

With more complex orders a “fixed job contract” is negotiated.

"Dear clients, thank you for your interest and we believe that you will be satisfied."

Ing. Alois ZĂ­skal

Executive Corporate AZ elektroprojekce, s.r.o.