The design activity of our company has a very wide scope in the construction industry, we propose a complete electrical component within the projects for administrative buildings, social buildings, residential buildings, banks, hotels, industrial buildings, combined plants, multifunctional buildings and also family houses.

In cooperation with PRONTO Elektro Praha s.r.o we process project documentation for PREdi (PraĹžská energetika distribuce a.s.).

We also find work in the industrial, water, construction and extension of factory buildings, we provide complete solutions of technological units, we design cable, public and civil engineering networks, ie connections, relocations, public lighting, we participate in reconstructions and new constructions.


Here are some of the events we've been working on in the past:

Valentinka (2/2015 - )

administrative building with apartments

Kotva (2/2015 )
reconstruction of department store
Airbank (9/2011 )
Branch offices of Airbank
The castle Lipova (5/2015 - )
reconstruction of historical building
Lego Mexiko (4/2015 - )
production halls
Central sewage treatment plant Praha (1/2015 - )
Intensification of wastewater treatment plant
Lego Kladno (01/2013- 7/2015)
 extension of productions halls
Eli Dolní Břežany (8/2011 - 6/2012)
leading laboratories for the most powerful laser in the world
Phillip Morris (6/2015)
reconstruction of existing production halls
UCEEB Kladno (2009-2012)

university center of energy-efficient buildings

Albatros (3/2015 - )
administrative buildig
Nupharo (6/2015 - )
Technological park
Aquapark Ĺ utka (2009 - 2012)
Completion of the swimming pool
FVE (06/2010, 2017)
solar powerplant

Palmovka Park (11/2009 - 12/2013)
administrative building for Metrostav
wastewater treatment plants (2/2010 - 9/2013)
Extension of an existing purification plant
PalĂĄc Rapid (6/2011 - 11/2012)
multifunctional object in center of Prague. 
City Deco (2006 - 2012)
administration building with apartments
Park Hloubětín (2012)
Residential complex
Enterprice Praha (2010 - 12/2014)
administrative center in PankrĂĄc
maternity hospital PodolĂ­ (7/2011 - dosud)
Building a center for fetal medicine